See what’s up in Granada Nic.

‘Come to the great sultana the mermaid of the Americas”.

Granada any time is full of Activities and Guide tours, Museums, Getting hire bikes, some of the expats play the guitar and others instruments, Most of the Discos are down by the lake for  the serious dancing, Baseball is very  popular, A place friendly to walk, Earth of  Lakes and Volcano’s.

We always have something going on in Granada – come join us for a great time. Reserve a room today or the entire house for one of our upcoming events, but act quick as open seating doesn’t last very long!

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  • January

5th -9th  Español Pura Sangre fair, Granada

An international event where owners show-case their best and most beautiful breed of  horses for an ultimate price. It will take place in Granada “jockey Club”.

  • February

The Second week of every year: The International poetry Festival is held in the main square and different stages set up in the parks of Granada. The Festival that takes place in the city of Granada attracts over 150 professional poets and novice poets from all parts of the world congregate this  event  to recite their best poetry.  This event that  last 1 week.

  • March

-Folklore, Gastronomy and Handy-Craft Festival held in Granada.

  • March/April:

-Holy Week Celebration.

-Holy week Easter: Holy week a festive Nicaraguan Celebration that takes place during the holy week, People go through Nicaragua beaches even more “Granada Beaches”.

  • May

-Labor Day

-Mother`s Day   This day is Taken very seriously! the business of the town shuts down for the day.  People will dress in traditional and non-traditional clothes to attend and hold parties in there homes.

  • June

-Ometepe Expo: This Celebration of UNESCO, take place in Nicaragua and its contribution Local Artisans come to display their work over two days then we can enjoy the beautiful Island Ometepe and around. Nicaraguan Music and food this prevails, all events here.

  • August

-From Second to Thirty week Granada  shows  you about Parties Patronal Our Famous Toro’s Topes  like in Spain you can see it`s running go through the main Street, where so tourist join us or just watch from far.

– This Celebration it`s followed for the next week of Horse`s Shows in all Main Street and glad people Drinking and enjoying like carnival

-Now the bigger Carnival in the Pacific Region takes Place in the City 3 weeks followed by Events full of Fun, Music, Full colors.

  • September

-11-15 Patronal Celebrations about of, Country’s Independence   so many shows and dancers around the plaza in front Central Park.

  • October

-Everybody is going of party in party because of the theme of HALLOWEEN is near and in our Country we have traditions like is AGUIZOTE very similar this is the place to celebrations.

  • November/December:

-Two months completely full of parties in the Central Park at the weekends  

-Dancers around the Calzada Street, So many options in the tropical environment.


Tope de Toro

If you stay in Granada in August, the Sunday before the 15Th you can see a special celebration called “Tope de Toro” where several bulls run free along Granada streets.

The bulls come freed near La Pólvora fortress and some knights keep them along Xalteva street then cross Central Park, go down the Calzada street to reach the lake shores. Every bull is accompanies by a lot of fearless boys that attempt to escape from the bulls running before them but at the same time annoying them, with screams and hitting them with branches.

The bulls that take part to the “Tope” aren’t very dangerous but sometimes accident occurs, during last year edition a bull killed a horse in Central Park.

In the night the bulls are translated to the touristic center where, during the follow week, the boys of Granada try to ride them in the Barrera (like a small arena). You can see the show for 25 Cordoba’s.

Defile Hipico

The Sunday after the “Tope de Toro” you can see the “Defile Hipico”, during this celebration the best horse of the Nicaragua march along the streets of the city; this is considered one of the most important celebration of the country.

This show catch eye of many people that arrive in Granada with music and cheerfulness fulling the streets. All the day you can found traditional food selled along the streets by occasional vendors.

The parade start in the west side of the city in front of “Flor de cana” stadium, follow the Avenida Arellano, and Real Xalteva street, the Calzada street to end in the Malecon front the lake. The day before several allegorical cars and dancers parade along the Granada Street: el carnival.


 Boat service in front of Hacienda Santa Cruz

In front of Hacienda Santa Cruz, the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR) recently opened a pier that is used by boatmen to provide tours and excursions on the islets. This is the responsibility of a cooperative and an association.

International Poetry Festival

The city of Granada is mostly known for its tourist interest due to its history and architecture. However,

the city has also been characterized by its cultural profile which transformed Granada into the host city for the International Poetry Festival since 2005. This event is a celebration of poetry and culture with poets from all over the world participating, and it is currently the largest poetry event in Nicaragua and Central America.

Every year a large number of prestigious poets are invited to the city to participate in the Festival, which was first initiated by the Civil Society group. Internationally recognized poets travel to Granada – a city which might be declared Cultural and Natural Patrimony of Humanity by the UNESCO, an initiative supported by poets of the previous festivals – to recite poems and participate in this cultural event.



More than poetry

Purism celebration in Granada – 8th December

The Immaculate Conception de Maria images stand on the high altar of Granada’s cathedral. It’s a Franciscan statue 150 centimeters tall pulled out of the water in 1721.

In 8th of December all over the country Nicaragua people build altars to Mary in their homes using palm leaves, flowers and candle. Children go door to door singing hymns to the virgin and are rewarded with candy or some coins.

Neighborhoods bear elaborate floats through the streets in honor of Granada’s patron saint, the Virgen Concepción de María. They signal their arrival by blowing in conch shells to drive the demons away.