Casa De Arcos  Guest House

UPDATE: on Traveling to Nicaragua as of Aug 2018.  We live here so we know the situation, and is Much Much Better! In the past months Nicaragua has been in the news as you have seen reports.  In early July the Government has made a change to  how people conduct themselves.  Demonstrations do not exist, and talking negative about the Government, or foreigners getting involved in voicing there view  this is not allowed.

Bottom Line: If you come to Nicaragua to have Fun and enjoy the beauty of the country and the people,  If you follow the guild lines there will be no issues in your safety.   


We Our Guest Home is family run and we love our guests to contact us over the Internet before they arrive, a throwback to how Club Med operated in the early 1970’5. Agents would give a recommendation to who they sent to the Club Med village or fantasy Island.

If you wish to stay at the Casa de Arcos Guest house, Please share with us a little about yourself before arriving. Information like, is it your first time to Granada ? What would you like to experience when traveling to Nicaragua? A heads up on what time your flight arrives in? or if coming by bus what time we should expect you to arrive? We will post your details on the board so that other will know a little before arriving. 

Because we allow only a small groups of max 8 people in the guest house, we  are selective in who stays overnight in the guest house. We welcome female  walk-ups and couples. We are family run, meaning Silvia and 3 teen children help out in cleaning and also cooking. (breakfast is included ) in the price if you are a person that enjoys to be around the house and stay in at night you may wish to stay with us and join in on dinner. We are not a full out party house. 

Qualities to stay are in the guest house are 100% honesty, out going, good character, female, excellent karma, couples, teachers, massage therapists, yoga, real estate, professional people, LGBT and supportive people, and Jehovah Witness  Community –Surah 60:10}” 

All guests must be 18 yrs or older / drug free/ non smokers


Recent Customer Reviews


 Randy and Barbara B.

Wow what an amazing stay we had at the Casa De Arcos. The home is so cool and comfy. Our hosts were amazing as well. We will definitely be back soon!!


Business owner on record

A graduate of  3 years business admin/ marketing. Casa de Arcos Guest House Business Owner on Record

Siliva and Family

Silvia and her family will make you feel at home and live on site. We are family run and when you stay with us you become part of the family also 


Ci Ci  

Our Family Pet and Comfort Dog she loves to curl up beside you 




Massage Teacher

Randy has been license since 1997 in massage therapy, previously Florida and national licensed and specialized in pre / post breast augmentation techniques / Post muscular trauma / medical massage.


Silvia and family 

Genesis and mother in kitchen


Massage Therapist / Day host

Randy was born in Toronto and after 29 years in Canada he immigrated Florida after extensive travels to many places in the world Randy has made Granada his home.  Your host Randall Giffen was a cast member in Walt Disney World, in years 1999-2003. After 1 year of acting as Mayor of the Disney Boardwalk Resort, A proud recipient of the lifetime award “Partners in Excellence. The highest award as a cast member can acheive in there roll as a cast member.